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8 Best WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Website

Having high traffic is what most site owners’ aim for which means more prospects. High traffic sites present unique challenges. This requires hosting providers with better availability and performance. A high volume of daily traffic on your WordPress site means you need a hosting. These sites handle millions of requests and won’t crash during peak traffic. Also, it would offer excellent protection giving no or negligible downtime. 

As an owner of the WordPress site, you may want to know the finest hosting for the high traffic coming to your site. Won’t you? Here’s a list to help you find the most suited one. Identify the service that overcomes the specific challenges your WordPress site faces. 

Best High Traffic Hosting for WordPress

1. SiteGround

Best wordpress hosting for high traffic

One of the most popular and commonly used hosting services for WordPress is SiteGround. It is also officially recommended by WordPress.org. Web hosting community holds SiteGround’s premium solutions in high regard. They are well-known for their superior site performance and quality customer support. 

SiteGround offers a range of services, including two plans, i.e. Go Geek plan and Cloud hosting. The second plan starts from $80, while Go Geek plan starts from $11.95 per month. For high traffic sites, these services are ideal. 


Some of the key features of SiteGround include:

  • Powerful resources—SiteGround provides optimised and powerful cloud resources.
  • Ensures optimal performance of high traffic WordPress sites. 
  • Sub-account management—hosting multiple websites and sub-accounts is easy
  • Dynamic cache—for fast performance SiteGround offers dynamic cache. It provides a high-performance solution.
  • Great value for money


  • It is more developer-focused 
  • Plan Limitations

Apart from these pros and cons, SiteGround’s cloud platform facilitates scaling up on a need basis. With its excellent support and exceptional features, SiteGround provides a high-performance solution for your high-traffic WordPress site.

2. Kinsta

Best wordpress hosting for high traffic - Kinsta

Kinsta, powered by Google Cloud Platform, is one of the top WordPress hosting services for hosting heavy WordPress sites. The business plans for Kinsta start from $100 per month for unlimited page views.  This implies that when traffic goes high, there is nothing to worry about. 


Some of the significant features of this hosting provider include: 

  • Security—Kinsta provides active as well as passive security ensuring continuous monitoring of the site. It instantly detects and stops malicious requests, DDoS attacks, and other kinds of threats. 
  • Site Migration— This enables you to migrate from your existing website to Kinsta, they provide free assistance.
  • Backup—Automatic backup of the site is provided daily, which is an important feature to consider when considering a hosting plan.
  • Fully Managed—Kinsta offers a fully managed solution, i.e. every area is optimised, especially for WordPress. 
  • Tech Stack—They use Nginx, PHP7-FPM, HHVM, Memcache, and Redis for loading webpages at an amazingly fast speed. This will help in increasing the search engine rankings of the site.


  • The hosting of Kinsta is not cheap
  • Email hosting is not included in the services they provide 
  • No option for telephonic support is available

That said, Kinsta hosting provides exceptional support, and the modern tech stack means web pages load faster. All of these features make Kinsta your go-to option to move for high traffic sites.

3. Flywheel

Best wordpress hosting for high traffic

Another amazing WordPress hosting for high traffic is Flywheel. The web hosting service is particularly useful for creative people. Therefore, for those creative individuals who get massive traffic on their sites, Flywheel is their best choice.

However, this does not imply that other types of businesses cannot make use of this hosting platform. It is also a good fit for other traffic sites, freelancers, organisations, etc. 

Pricing at Flywheel starts from $15 a month with some features, which include the inbuilt caching feature, so that site owners do not have to worry about third-party plugins. 


Some highlighting features of Flywheel include: 

  • Auto backup—backup is taken automatically every night, which can be restored with just a click if need be. 
  • Scanning for malware—the hosting provider has partnered with Sucuri for scanning malware continuously on the site. 
  • SFTP access—Flywheel also provides secure FTP for transferring files to the server. 
  • Blueprint—Flywheel blueprint helps in creating a pre-installed package with the favourite plugins and themes of the site so that the WordPress site remains highly accessible. 
  • The speedy development of the site—the environment allows for quick site development and amendments.  


  • Flywheel lacks a built-in Git deployment
  • No email hosting, no domain services, no website builder, and no built-in eCommerce tools.

Flywheel is a suitable option for those who want to ensure that their WordPress site stays up all the time. The support is excellent, which is why Flywheel makes it to the list of one of the best choices for hosting high traffic sites. 

4. Cloudways 

Best wordpress hosting for high traffic

Cloudways is another well-recognised WordPress hosting service for high-traffic sites. It is known well for providing performance-based WordPress solutions. It offers simplicity that is a significant selling point of Cloudways, while you can easily scale the websites hosted on Cloudways.


Some major features of Cloudways include the following: 

  • Quick Installation—With a speedy installation and deployment process of Cloudways, you can go live within minutes.
  • High-performance—The tweaked environment of Cloudways, the SSD usage, and active and passive cache system mean that high-traffic sites will get high-performance.
  • Excellently managed security—With features such as IP whitelisting, dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication etc. Cloudways provides excellent managed security to its WordPress sites 
  • Expert Support—Cloudways support is exceptional in assisting and offering help whenever needed. There is a ticket system, community and live chat through which you can get assistance. 


  • Cloudways does not support Plesk and cPanel
  • You require a certain level of expertise
Best wordpress hosting for high traffic - The plans available for Cloudways

The hosting platform Cloudways is another smart option for high-traffic WordPress sites which provide a high-performance solution. 

5. Pagely

wordpress hosting for high traffic

Another high-performing hosting service on this list is Pagely which provides big brands with a solution to scale up their WordPress sites. The hosting platform offers reliable and well-managed WordPress hosting. With pricing starting from $499, Pagely powered by AWS provides everything that one expects to achieve a high-traffic WordPress site. 


Following are the best features offered by Pagely.

  • Powerful tech stack—The tech stack of Pagely is advanced, which means it uses advanced technology to ensure performance, stability, and scalability. 
  • WordPress VPS—Developers can use the tools, git integration, and shell access offered by Pagely for customising and deploying their WordPress site with ease. 
  • Load balanced clusters—Load is distributed in clusters to ensure that the website on this hosting platform can sustain high-traffic.
  • Data Centres—The data centres of Pagely are in various parts of the world, which enables selection from a wide range. 


  • 24/7 live chat is not available
  • Compatibility issues limit the use of some plugins
  • Pricing is a little on the higher side

The significant advantage of Pagely is the toolset it offers to the developers. Since high-traffic websites need a high level of customisation, along with flexibility and scalability, Pagely is an excellent option to consider. 

6. WP Engine

An award-winning platform for digital experience, WP Engine is a trusted place for enterprise as well as small businesses. More than 60,000 customers, which include Yelp and New Relic, trust this platform for their high-traffic WordPress sites. Starting from $35 a month, WP Engine has several notable features. 


Some of them are listed below:

  • Highly scalable architecture—Using EverChache, WP Engine is built on a highly scalable architecture 
  • Excellent security—for detecting and preventing threats, WP Engine secures the site from online attacks and various other kinds of WordPress vulnerabilities. 
  • Automatic updates—WP Engine provides automatic updates for WordPress
  • Automatic Migration—migrating from existing WordPress to WP Engine is a matter of just a few clicks
  • Staging Area—If you have a website that you do not want to change directly, you can now create a copy. You can test the changes before implementing them on the original site. 


  • It is a little expensive 
  • Lack of permission for some themes and plugins
  • Need to pay additional charges if the number of visitors and storage exceed the plan

In addition to these features, it also extends the facility of unlimited data transfer, free SSL, and it is PHP7 ready. So, WP Engine is another incredible hosting platform to consider for high-traffic WordPress sites.

7. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean is a hosting platform that has garnered a lot of popularity in the last few years. It has grown significantly since the company started its operations in 2011.


  • The major attracting feature of DigitalOcean is the simplicity and cleanliness it provides to the developers and beginners and the one-minute sign-up to launch time. 
  • All the servers of DigitalOcean are on Hex Core devices. These devices have unique storage and RAM.
  • KVM virtualisation ensures exceptional performance and top security.
  • DigitalOcean also provides a 99.99% uptime assurance, which means site owners should not fret about losing traffic because of downtime.
  • The package for high-volume, high-traffic sites starts at $160 per month which includes around 16 GB of RAM and an 8-core processor. 
  • The major attractive feature of DigitalOcean is the hardware resources and the value of resources per dollar.


  • Limited customer support 
  • Complicated cPanel 
  • Site migration is not free 
  • Unmanaged hosting – you need technical knowledge

8. Liquid Web

Used by big names such as FedEx, Xerox, ESPN, etc., Liquid Web is also a high-traffic hosting provider ideal for WordPress hosting. Especially useful for mission-critical sites, many big businesses trust the service. These are managed WordPress hosting plans starting from $119 per month. Offering image compression and site-wide caching, Liquid Web is a hosting provider with some notable features. 


Some of these features are as follows: 

  • Management of multiple sites—Liquid Web has partnered with iThemes for providing site owners with easy site management for various websites. This means you can update WordPress on various sites with just one click. 
  • Unlimited page views—for increased traffic, there is no requirement to pay extra cash since it provides unlimited page views
  • Load-balancing—Liquid Web also ensures high-availability with its load balancing feature 
  • Free SSL Certificate, backup and migration
  • Security monitoring 


  • Pricing is on the higher side.

With all these fantastic features and limitations, Liquid Web is also a hosting platform which various high-traffic WordPress sites trust. 

Conclusion of the best WordPress Hosting for high traffic websites

Managing a high-traffic WordPress site is a challenging task requiring a lot of knowledge and skills for various infrastructural steps. Considering any of these WordPress environments is a good option as they provide incredible features and support. Most of these hosting providers also offer money-back guarantee and evaluate if they comply with the high traffic and other requirements. 

Consider factors such as features, support, capability and pricing before taking the plunge. The hosting provider must offer excellent customer support and fast uptime and page loading times. Once you would transfer your site to any of these reliable hosting services, you will definitely find a significant improvement in your high-traffic site. 

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