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📷Wix VS WordPress | Which Is Best for Photographers?

Wix vs Wordpress for photographers

You’re just about to find out in this Wix vs WordPress article, the best website builder for photographers to pitch their work!

If you are a photographer and you’re serious about it, then you’d know by now that the internet is the best place to let your product and services go viral. You can use the internet to your advantage, showcase your best works, establish your brand, increase audience presence and engagement, and ultimately make more money for yourself.

Unlike the early days of the 90s, when building a website is like building a house, brick by brick, setting up a portfolio on the web has not been easier. Thanks to the drag and drop tools designed by web developers.

Hands down, Wix and WordPress are two of the best and most popular websites out there. How, then, do you pick the best web builder that could help maximize your photography business? 

Read on. We have the right answer for you. But first, let’s look at the major difference between Wix and WordPress.  

The Difference between Wix and WordPress

Wix vs wordpress: the difference

Wix and WordPress are two valuable tools for building a website, which sometimes makes it a tough task when trying to draw the line. Still, comparing them is an excellent idea since no two products, no matter how good, are created equal. 

The biggest difference when comparing Wix Vs WordPress is that Wix, for instance, is a web tool that allows you to build your website on your own. Additionally, it enables you to manage all your content within the context of the wix.com platform. It means that all you need to do is sign up on wix.com, and you’re good to go.

In contrast, WordPress is a software on its own. Like a software program, you need to install it first (or have it installed by a third party) on a web server before you can use it.

(If you decided to go with wordpress, then you can check out our other article: best wordpress hosting)

OUR VERDICT: Wix is the best web builder for beginners. You do not need coding or programming knowledge to work on Wix. On the other hand, WordPress is an open-source CMS website – a better option for advanced users.

Read more, below on which really fit you the best!

What To Look Out For When Selecting A Photography Website Builder

These days, building a website is easier and cheaper than it was back in the days. Even at that, it could be challenging to select the right site to maximize your photography business. Thankfully,  we have done the math for you. Here are what you should consider before choosing between WordPress and Wix when evaluating a photography website. 

The Design

As a photographer, your website is the most crucial part of your brand identity. Therefore, the design layout of your website is vital as it plays an essential role in your success. A photography website needs to look good and must contain a variety of stunning templates.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital for growing your site’s audience. Today, many people use search engines such as Google to look for information online. You need a reliable SEO-integrated website to help increase your online visibility.  


The photography website is mainly about images. Still, spicing it up with blog content is crucial. Through blogging, you can share your opinions and educative your audience. Apart from helping you in showcasing your work, blogging is also essential for SEO purposes.

Ease of Use

Your primary job as a photographer is to showcase your best works to your awaiting audience. You can significantly reduce the time and effort it would take you to set up your web builder. True, there are professional web developers that can help you with this. But why spend extra costs to hire someone when you can set it up yourself?


A budget-friendly web builder is good at keeping your business alive without having to break the bank. Granted, it is hard to spell out the exact amount you’ll need to spend on your website. But working with a reasonable budget will go a long way to cut down some expenses.

Overall summary:

Wix for Photographers (Pros & Cons)

  • Easy to use for everyone. No special web development or coding skill is required.
  • Wix provides a dedicated support team
  • Built-in sales features for small business and eCommerce plans. Fully customizable layout for product pages
  • There could be a few limitations on more advanced and sophisticated website features.
  • Limited overall control, as a tradeoff for the ease of use
  • Simple to use templates can be tough to customize

WordPress for Photographers (Pros & Cons)

  • It has more advanced and sophisticated functionality features.
  • Great template designs with advanced customization options
  • It can be integrated with popular third-party tools. 
  • Not an ideal website for beginners. Learning how to use it can be tough.
  • Lacked a dedicated support team. There are only online guides and a forum
  • No built-in drag and drop feature

Wix Is the Winner for Photographers – here is way:

Wix is better than WordPress for photographers

Based on experience and thorough research, we firmly believe that as a photographer, Wix is your go-to website anytime. We’re able to reach this conclusion by paying special attention to the following crucial areas of the platform:

It is Easier To Learn on Wix

Even if you’re a beginner, with Wix, you do not need to hire a web developer or web designer. You can create a stunning photography website like a pro even without learning how to code. This could help you save some money as well.

Easier To Customize For Beginners

It is possible and easy to customize your website to your taste.  With the drag and drop feature Wix lets you do so with much flexibility. 

Unlike WordPress’ ‘Gutenberg’ block-based editor, Wix’s web editor is also very flexible. You can effortlessly move and arrange elements across the page anyhow you want it.

Default Responsive For Mobile Friendly View

A responsive web design responds to or compatibilities with user’s behavior across all platforms. 

Here’s what we mean; nowadays, people use a wide range of mobile devices to access the internet. And each of these vast arrays of devices come in different screen sizes, platforms, orientations, and resolutions.

By default, Wix consists of a mix of flexible layouts and grids that automatically adjusts in order to accommodate different devices’ resolution, scripting, and image sizes. This default responsive setting ensures faster loading time and provides users with a mobile-friendly experience. 

Impressive Customer Support

Customer support is the heart of any business. Wix performed above par with their 24/7 customer support. They have a dedicated support team on standby to attend to you whenever you get stuck.

Our Final Thoughts on Wix vs WordPress for Photographers

Choosing the best website builder largely depends on the purpose of using it. In this Wix vs WordPress article, our final thoughts are based purposely on using either of these sites in creating a photography business. 

We recommend Wix as the best choice to pitch your photography business due to its easy-to-use interface. Wix makes it easy for you to get more client bookings right from your website, and they can view your calendar. This is good for customer engagement.

So, if you’re set to get your photography website up and running, it would be a great choice to consider using Wix due to its many advantages over WordPress, especially for photographers.

If you decided that WordPress is the best choice for you then make sure you get the best hosting to your website, by checking out our article on the best choices.

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