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Ezoic vs Adthrive Review & Comparison

Many publishers have seen significant improvement in their earnings through the automated ad testing practices offered by these two ad networks. Needless to say, then, that Ezoic vs Adthrive review is more like comparing apples to apples.

Ezoic and Adthrive are undoubtedly one of the two leading platforms in the ad network industry, with strong claims backing them up. 

From our personal experience, we can conclude that: In terms of pay, Ezoic is paying way better than just going for AdSense. Conversely, Adthrive offers better pay than Ezoic. So, if you’re able to meet with AdThrive stiff demands, then we recommend you to go with them. Otherwise, Ezoic is a great option as well.

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We’ll now take a closer look at some of the things that make each platform stand out, as well as their strategies at improving publisher site revenue.

Quick Ezoic vs AdThrive Comparison Table

Ezoic vs Adthrive
Current websites1,5481,401
Market share0.79%0.71%
Category position 12th 13th 
Minimum traffic requirement per month10,000 pageviews100,000 pageviews
Minimum Payout Threshold$20$25
Payment Net3045
Review time2days24 hours
Revenue improvementup to 250%*Up to 3 times*
Payout OptionsPayPal, Direct Deposit, Paper Check, and Wire Transfer via Payoneer.
PayPal, Direct Deposit, Paper Check, or Wire Transfer.


Ezoic vs Adthrive

Ezoic is a Google award-winning ad network for publishers that utilizes many automated tools to improve publisher earnings significantly. 

For instance, Ezoic built the ad revenue index metric to describe the state of the online advertising marketplace for everyday use. This is a transparent method that helps publishers determine if their ad revenue goes up or down due to global market conditions and how it affects their own sites.

We’ve made a full list of alternatives to Ezoic, I recommend you check it out!

Getting started with Ezoic

To get started with Ezoic, all you need is to sign up for free. You can then decide to get started with ad tester or layout tester

Ezoic follows a manual method of reviewing sites, so it might take a while to finally get started with them. They want to make sure that your site has what it takes to join their network. 

Ezoic requires that your website have at least 10k monthly visits before you’re considered for further assessment. You can find detailed requirements on how to get started on the Ezoic ad network here.  

Once you get approved, you will see some significant improvements in your publishing revenue. 

Most publishers that joined Ezoic earn up to 80% more revenue with Ezoic than a regular ad network. For the best result, ensure you load your website with many ad placeholders. This lets Ezoic split test them for more configurations — the more the testing, the better the result. 

Additionally, Ezoic uses EPMV instead of regular CPM or CPC. EPMV is a standard Earning Per Thousand Visitors on your blog. The EPMV works automatically by taking into account your site’s bounce rate and pageviews per visit. Ezoic trusts that this is the only correct metric for measuring publisher revenue.

Some Amazing Features on Ezoic

Ezoic features and apps

AD Tester

With Ezoic Ad tester, you can run automated multivariate testing by a simple drag and drop method, which helps maximize your earnings by balancing visitor experience. 

Ezoic’s AI understands the combination of an ideal ad for site visitors and uses this knowledge to deliver different combinations to different site visitors for better user experience. 

Layout Tester

The layout tester allows you to test multiple site layouts and choose which one is best for user experience. You can then adjust it to suit visitors. This is an ideal strategy to grow site revenue drastically. 

Big Data Analytics

With Big Data Analytics, Ezoic allows you to track visitor engagement and authenticate user behavior. This helps you grow your traffic more efficiently. You also have access to data around SEO, ad earnings, and more. 

Site Speed Tools

Many content publishers now understand why they should keep their sites running efficiently, and speed is essential. Ezoic has made provision for site speed tools; there is no need to install a new speed app on your site.  


  • Outstanding customer service
  • Split testing
  • Proven revenue generation 
  • Runs affiliate service
  • Simple web layout 
  • Analytics
  • 10,000 monthly pageview
  • Simple setup processes
  • Approves all publishing niches (except adult-based or weapon-based niches)


  • No more live chat support


Ezoic vs Adthrive

Like Ezoic, AdThrive is a Google-certified monetization partner that helps publishers with high-quality content increase their advertising revenue. Since its creation in 2013, AdThrive has built a reputation through efficient and proven performance. 

In the summer of 2016, the platform won Google’s Certified Publishing Partner Challenge in the Customer Satisfaction Award category.

Getting started with AdThrive

AdThrive follows a rigorous quality assessment process for all applications. They usually conduct manual site review to ensure it meets their initial requirements. For quick approval, AdThrive requires that your site traffic comes majorly from the United States.

Once you get an approval from them, AdThrive will analyze your site and traffic to check if you’re a good fit for them. If your site ticks the boxes, they will then recommend a layout that is designed to attract high-quality advertisers to maximize your revenue.

Before installing new ads on your site, they will completely remove the old ad code. They also monitor ad performance, keep you up-to-date with new ad types, and continuously work to ensure your ads are optimized and earning well. 

AdThrive claimed that:

  • 100% of sites that joined their platform have made more money with fewer ads
  • The average site with AdThrive has earned 3x more per pageview 
  • 50% of sites saw over a 100% increase
  • 98% of sites saw over a 15% increase

AdThrive services:

  • Ad Management
  • Mobile Ad Optimization
  • Learning Tools
  • Video Monetization
  • Exclusive Premium Campaigns


  • Google Certified
  • Community Engagement
  • Huge earnings
  • Excellent customer care


  • Requires 100,000 monthly pageview
  • Focuses more on food niches


Growing site traffic requires a lot of hard work. If you finally hit the monthly target of pageviews, it’s just ideal that you get a fair return on your effort. 

We hope this Ezoic vs AdThrive review will help you in choosing one of the best ad networks to help increase your earnings significantly. 

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